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Top 12 Things to Do After LOST

Wish I had read this after the Lost finale, so I would have been able to cope better.. Lol.

12) Watch reruns of LOST from the beginning, claim mystical powers in being able to predict what the hell is going to happen to novices.

11) Drunk dial actress Evangeline Lilly, profess undying love for “Kate” until she calls the cops.

10) Use your frequent flyer miles up flying from L.A. to Australia, hoping to crash land on The Island so you, too, can save the world.

9) Stalk actor Michael “Ben” Emerson and force him to divulge “the secrets” the writers failed to address in the finale.

8)Sneak up on Harold “Michael” Perrineau in an airport and scream “WAAAAAALT” just to watch him jump and possibly assault you, so you can press charges.

7) Blow up your neighbor’s RV and yell over the fence, “No one leaves the Island!”

6) Burn meat on your backyard grill after telling the neighborhood children The Smoke Monster lives in your garage.

5) Walk around with a dead squirrel in your pocket and when someone asks what the odor is, tell them it hard to get that “dead guy smell” out of Locke’s image.

4) Have sex with your spouse for the first time in six years, and 9 months later name the child “Sawyer”.

3) Rock back and forth on the floor, weeping quietly to yourself.

2) Build a thermonuclear device in your garage so you can “reset” time to 2004 and get back the six years you lost.

1) Touch strange women in the mall and say, “It’s OK…I’m Jacob!


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