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The saddest moment of my childhood


About right

Mind = blown

artig bilde

Indeed we do

memes - Beauties Love Beasts

The Successful Movie Formula

funny celebrity pictures - Once Upon A Time...

Disney Princesses According To Tim Burton

funny celebrity pictures - Disney Princesses According To Tim Burton

Jack Sparrow is a hipster. What else is new?

Tihi ^^

funny celebrity pictures - Why Do You Live?

I can’t wait for the next Deathly Hallows movie, omg *jump up and down*

Time to make fun of hipsters again.

emo scene hipster - Done, Done and Done!

emo scene hipster - Writing on paper.  Too mainstream.

emo scene hipster - I'm Not Sure That's Hipster, Just Masochistic

emo scene hipster - Jam is Delicious!

emo scene hipster - It Was My Favorite Feather...

emo scene hipster - It Stems the Hatred...

emo scene hipster - And, I'm Still Not Happy With It...

emo scene hipster - You Are Pretty Lame Though...

emo scene hipster - Mermaids Are the Original Emo...

emo scene hipster - Genius You Tube...Genius

emo scene hipster - The Sad Fapper...

Minnie Mouse cake ^^

cute kawaii stuff - Epicute: Baby Minnie Mouse Cake

There’s an endless world of awesome cakes out there!