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Things that make everyday life easier ^^


R2D2 cap ^^

cool accessories - hats - star wars - Totally the Droids You're Looking for

My Little Pony

My Little Princess Leia by *SpippoMy Little Darth Vader by *SpippoMy Little Boba Fett by *SpippoMy Little Chewbacca by *SpippoMy Little Han Solo                            by *SpippoMy Little Luke Skywalker                            by *SpippoStar Wars My Little Pony - Leia

Awesome bookends

strake:  My earlier picture of my Han and Greedo bookends seemed to drum up a surprising amount of interest.  Here is a closeup shot for my fellow Mos Eisley nerds.strake:  My geeky bookends.  With that many dead trees in-between, it doesn’t really matter who shot first.

Sweet! Er.. Salt

funny food photos - Battery Salt and Pepper

I want this dress


clutchlog:  Want.