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WTF is wrong with this stupid page?

I’ve just written two long and peronal posts, but they’re gone after I publish them?

Argh D:



School tomorrow, and I can’t sleep. Blog blog blog

My new rat cage :D

Its huge, and Pippin and Swarley love it ^^

‬‏I just ordered me some John Green books :D

The Nerdfighter in me is very proud of.. me. ^^
John Green is an awesome guy, I love his youtube videos. I love the funny ones, the ranting ones, the questions ones and the deep ones. I’m sure his books are just as fantastic as he is. I can’t wait for the books to come in the mail :D

Now the question is, which book should I start with?

I feel bad

I’ve got over 7000 views on my blog and got a new record of most views in one day yesterday, and I haven’t posted anything in forever D:

I’m sorry about that, sometimes I’m in a anti-blog mood and just sit on my behind playing the sims and watching shows. Gonna try to at least upload something once a day, gonna train my bf to smack me if I don’t lol. I’ll show you some friends screenies I’ve made the past days, cause I’ve been cheating on wordpress with tumblr :o

Over 6000 views on my blog now :D

And I haven’t even post that much this past week. Sorry about that :o

I’ve been playing  The Sims 3 and watching Friends and Chuck on DvD, so I’ve been stuck in that world for a while. And today I even got a new subscriber :D So I’ll try to post more, I know at least Kristina wants me to ^^

Lessons I’ve learned in my life so far

-Don’t jump on the trampoline in the rain. You will probably slip when landing and break you ankle.

-Don’t play with knives with your older brothers. One of them might accidentally will stab you in the foot.

– Don’t throw darts on the ground right in front of your dog. You will throw one at her paw and blood will squirt everywhere.

– Don’t ride you new bike down a hill and forget that it has different set of breakes than your old one. You will crash into a street lamp and need 3 stitches on you forehead.

-Don’t have “rock fights” with kids on your playground. One will throw a huge rock at you face and you will need stitches on the other side of you forehead.

-Don’t assume the new “child proofed” slide on the playground is 100% safe. You will fall when sliding down it on your knees, split open your chin and need even more stitches .

– Riding your bike next to your cusin without any of you holding the handlebars might seem cool, it will not be as cool when you steer into each other, fall hard on the asphalt and people will stare at you from their cars as they pass by.

That’s all for tonight.

I’ve got over 5000 views :D

This makes me so happy

Okay, I’m not all THAT happy. But Natalie is cute ^^
But thank you, who ever you are :D

Worst nightmare

So I’m watching this new medical series, called Off The Map. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy, only it takes place in the jungles of South America. In the episode I’m watching there’s a girl who went scooba diving, and got her leg caught under a rock under water. The medical team arrives, and they wait for a boat with a wench so they can lift it off her. But she’s suffocating, and they can’t wait for the boat anymore.

So they have to amputate her leg. Under water. While she’s awake O.o

So if I didn’t have a “my worst nightmare” untill now, this is it. Having to get my leg amputated while I’m trapped under water and I’m awake is now my new worst nightmare. >.<

20 random facts about me

1. I suffer from slight Telephonophobia- Fear of, or to use, telephones.

2. I got 11 siblings, and it’s not a religious thing.

3. I also have 3 dads (none of them are gay).  And 1 mother ^^

4. I broke my ankle when I was 13, jumping on a trampoline.

5. I’ve read about 200 books.

6. I’ve had rabbits, chickens, turkeys, cats, dogs, rats, birds and fish as pets. And no, I’ve never lived on a farm ^^

7. I’m a bit of a geek. I like doing puzzles, scrabble and crosswords.

8. I played World of Warcraft for almost 5 years.

9. I like to collect tv series on DvD. I currently have all the seasons of Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Rome. I have all but season 8 of Friends, 3 seasons of Scrubs, 1 season of The Big Bang Theory, King of Queens and That 70’s Show. (I know my boyfriend will comment on this, saying a lot of those DvDs are his, but pfft ^^)

10. I like to play Guitar Hero, Little Big Planet, Lego Star Wars and Angry Birds on my PS3.

11. I listen to several Japanese bands. And I don’t refer to them as “J-rock/pop”

12. I hardly ever wear make-up. And when I do wear it, it’s never more than mascara and maybe some eye-liner.

13. I’m not in school and I’m out of work, so I just sit at home and blog all day.

14. Atm I have two rats, named Sir Pippin Splinter (after Pippin in LotR and Splinter after the rat in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Mr Swarley Merry (after Barney in HIMYM and Merry in LotR)

15. I’m afraid of heights.

16. I like watching surgeries on youtube or tv.

17. I grew up watching Star Wars, the original trilogy, on old vhs tapes over and over again. Which is why I, at the age of 20, bought a Star Wars lunch box, two Star Wars t-shirts and have watched almost all of the extra material from the movies.

18. I’m never going to stop loving Disney movies. Disney channel on the other hand >.<

19. I want to live on Pandora (the planet in the movie Avatar)

20. I’ve had 3 piercings (I had to take one out) and 4 holes in my ears.