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I guess he really likes Brenda..


I’m hoping these tattoos are in loving memory of Hedwig

… but I have a feeling they are not.

Owls Are the New Penises. Wait, That Didn't Come Out Right

Hipster tattoo is okay

Thanks, Ebert

Tattoo of Grandma

I like the idea of having a tattoo of someone you’ve loved and lost, but not next to your freaking nipple O.o

Well That's Some Unfortunate Placement

Some fugly tattoos (NSFW)

YepFull Frontal FailPresented Without CommentShaggy AggieHeaven and Head CheeseIt's Getting Hot in HereI Don't Think "Lucky" Is the Quite the RIght WordPresented Without CommentGET IT?!!!!Gaurdian AngelYou Wanted Gollum, Right?I Beg to DifferDid You Let a "Babby" Do This Tattoo?Halfway There#duh #winning #tigerblood #warlocks #vaticanassassins #thishasstoppedbeingfunnyYou AgainProblem? Don't Think They Do That Down at Piercing PagodaGot His Varsity Letter in FoodYikesThe Only Two Girls Who Will Still Do That


fashion fail - Is Individuality Really Worth Your Cheeks?

Why would you do that to your face?

fashion fail - How Do You Even Eat?

I need som eye bleach over here! STAT!

Super Something

Best dinosaur tattoo ever

Cousin to Pigeons

More fail tattoos

Dragon LadyOh, This Is Real AlrightI'm LostPretty Pretty PigtailsWomen's Best FriendTHE DOCTOR SAID I'M SPECIAL Leopard WomanEye Caramba