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Chandler vs. Ross: flirting with the hot delivery girl

Chandler: 1
Ross: 0


Friends gifs <3

Happy Phoebe
Not so happy RossSo sexy &lt;3fyeahfriendsgifs:

How do you spell that?finchelobsters:

Season 3, episode 7, The One With The Race Car Bed.
“Oh, hey, hey Nick the boxer let’s see what you got. All right ya, put ‘em up. Come on!”

Chandler <3

Joey wants to be 19 ^^

Chandler wonders if he’s ready for commitment, Joey says “Go for it, man!”

Chandler is too cute ^^

Chandler freaks Janice out with his commitment. Poor guy.

Scenes from TOW The Stripper Cries