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Here’s a picture I edited a while back

It’s nothing special, but I like the simplicity of it. And the lyrics cried out to me at the time.


Florence + the Machine

I really love Florence + the Machine. They’ve/she’s got so many great songs, especially on the second album.

Cosmic Love
What the Water Gave Me
Never Let Me Go
Only If For a Night
Leave My Body
No Light, No Light

These songs are pure perfection <3

WTF is wrong with this stupid page?

I’ve just written two long and peronal posts, but they’re gone after I publish them?

Argh D:


Go listen to the new Florence + The Machine album.
Doooo eeeeet
Bilde fra

I miss you, MJ

artig bilde

Lol ^^

funny celebrity pictures - Next on the BBC - Severus Snape - the Early Years


loading pic

Or drums ^^

demotivational posters - Untitled

He felt the music

Let the Music Hit You Gif - Let the Music Hit You