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Things that make everyday life easier ^^


Fantastic bookshelves

I totally want this in my future house :o

Flying Spaghetti Monster Earrings – Must Have!

cute kawaii stuff - Flying Spaghetti Monster Earrings

What every geek needs in their house







Rainbow love :D Or gay love ^_^

cute kawaii stuff - Epicute: Rainbow Love

Easy to open soda bottle

funny food photos - A Coke Bottle You Can Open

I’m actually surprised this wasn’t invented earlier :o

Cute stuff I want ^^

cute kawaii stuff - Bow Headphonescute kawaii stuff - Emoticon Ringcute kawaii stuff - Sweet Braceletcute kawaii stuff - Cute Little Monster Pouchcute kawaii stuff - VHS Notebookcute kawaii stuff - Monster Eggs!cute kawaii stuff - Sleepy Fennec Fox Ringcute kawaii stuff - Totoro Plushcute kawaii stuff - Zombie Toastcute kawaii stuff - Rainbow Earrings

Cool designs

436864508_286d2b1a96.jpgbutterfly dress.jpgburger-bed-2.jpgcompact-all-in-one-kitchen-design.jpgcompact-creative-tiny-kitchen-design.jpgfunny tap.jpgImagTreeRailing.jpgbed read sheet.jpgfunny-elevator-floor.jpglivingstones.jpgaquarium.jpg