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My only question is:

WHy is the guy wearing pants?

emo scene hipster - Trust me, I Don't Need a Snorlax


4koma comic strip - Let's Hope for Trolling...


and also: “he saw blood running down my leg and it smelled fishy”

Smelled fishy? Fish smelling blood? What have you been eating?!

Extreme bodybuilders freak me out

BodybuilderBodybuilderBodybuilder5 Female Bodybuilders PhotobookPilot Of Plane Sleeps Where Wants!

It’s not pretty/sexy no matter if you’re a man or a woman. *shivers*

Hot stuff

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That’s one sexy guy

Party Fails - 2011: Same Crap as Last Year


fashion fail - Knuckle-Up Ladies

I need som eye bleach over here! STAT!

Super Something

Fail/ugly tattoos

Some Kind of Monster

With 6 fingers on one hand, no wonder he can play the guitar and sing


What Seems to Be the Problem, Officer?

Please don’t remove your pants…


Wtf O.o




Is that on someones butt? O.o

I Came, I Saw, I Spelled it However the Hell I Felt Like

It’s a good idea to spell-check before getting any tattoo, but especially when it’s a historical quote in a foreign language..


Which One's Audio and Which One's Video?

Those fang marks look infected..


“Koitrooper” o.o

Sideshow Melanie

Dream woman with an eye patch, mustache, and several blue tattoos… Okay, but what’s with the man underwear?


Ice Cream Yo

An ice cream cone on my face? Great idea, bro!


Mi Cara Loca



Tattoos + Acid = This


Hairy elephant nipples ftw..


He's a Belieber

Of course..



What are people thinking?

“Ye my nipple totally looks like a bull nose! Lets make a tattoo out of it”


Pretty Sure Fetus-Piercing is Illegal in the U.S.

“Nipple piercings are too painfull, I’d rather get a tattoo of one… And attach a fetus on it..”



This Is to Much

Actually, it probably won’t..

This is what I would have done when I found a dog crap right infront of my door today, but there’s too much snow/ice..