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Lord of the Rings artwork


Movie Character Crossovers Too Awesome to Actually Happen (From

These were my favourites.

The Successful Movie Formula

funny celebrity pictures - Once Upon A Time...

I want some LotR Lego too, or LotR Lego game on ps3 ^^

4koma comic strip - Never, Frodo!

4koma comic strip - Maybe someday, Frodo...

funny celebrity pictures - Untitled

I agree, but still I wonder: Why does the “YES” on David Bowie has an exclamation point behind it. I think Aragorn and Wolverine are way hotter *drool on my keyboard*

There are no wizards in WoW, duh!

funny celebrity pictures - WORLD OF WARCRAFT

JK, this was cute/funny ^^

I am watching The Fellowship of the Ring atm

So this made me giggle ^^

funny celebrity pictures - The one button  to rule them all.

I lol’d ^^

4koma comic strip - Who Put That Door Their?

Hipster Merry and Pippin

Hipster Boromir

memes - It's More of a Saunter