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Lady Pika :D


Lady Gaga In Cannes

FYRVERKERI: Lady Gaga (25) skal ha sørget for forrykende show i Cannes onsdag. Foto: Camera Press

Almost doesn’t look like her

Well, she said yes eventually

4koma comic strip - Why So Weird, Al?

Lady Gaga and her many looks

Sometimes she looks awesome, sometimes she looks crazy.

lady gaga 1 Lady GaGa and Her Bizarre Headgear at the DeGeneres ShowWeird Lady Gaga Hair

Lady Gaga Dress up kit

Katy Perry pwning Lady Gaga :D

4koma comic strip - You Want to See That?

Paris Hilton? Lady Gaga? Who knows?

funny celebrity pictures - TAN LINES

Actually, I know it’s Paris. But it looks like she’s trying a little too hard to be Gaga

Are you sure?

funny celebrity pictures - So Hungry!


funny celebrity pictures - THIS

Actually, I don’t think Sauron would have dared to thouch her

funny celebrity pictures - Mrs. Sauron