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I’m not a Dr. Who fan (A “come at me bro” collection)

On the internet, if you don’t like something that a lot of other people like, agressive defence is the way to go!

I don’t like Glee:

I don’t think Justin Bieber deserves to die:

I like several Nickelback songs:

I think a lot of the hipster fashion looks pretty good:

I am against religion:

I liked all the seasons of Lost:

I still play World of Warcraft:
Come at me bro neville gif harry potter
Got any problems with this?

Movie Character Crossovers Too Awesome to Actually Happen (From

These were my favourites.

Random Harry Potter facts (Part 5)


Slap that bitch

Should have been Neville instead of Hermione

Awkward hug is awkward

 - Awkward Emotional Moment

That hug in DH part 2 was just stupid. Why would Voldemort ever hug anyone? -.-

funny celebrity pictures - Common Ground