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Hot Tip of the Day: 3 minute brownies

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Hot tip of the day.

Just a tip for watching tv-shows on the web. If you’re anything like me: bored and like to watch tv-shows but can’t pay for the dvd’s. You’ve probably raged as much as I have over the 72 minutes limit on Megavideo. It’s so annoying, you can’t watch a whole movie, or more than a couple of episodes of your favourite show. Rage rage! But rage no more, I found a way around it!
Copy the url in the magevideo, go to and enter the url:

and press “watch free”

and there you go!

Also, I’d like to recommend a few good sites for watching tv-shows.
It has a lot of the most popular tv shows that are on the air, such as Vampire Diaries, Desperate Housewives, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy ect ect. Updates to the newest episodes every week. Best one I’ve found. Most vids are megavideo clips, but some shows also have alternative clips with shaky quality and sometimes non-english subs.
This site has a lot of links to tv-series, also older ones like Everybody Loves Raymond and Friends. But this site just directs you to other site, and you might end up on site that are not so safe or have tons of pop-ups.
This is a great torrent site if you usually download shows. It has a very wide range of shows that currently air in the USA, usually plenty of seeders and several different download links to each show.