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22.07.11 A Dark Day in Norwegian History

Yesterday, at 15:26 a bomb went off i Oslo, the capitol of my country Norway. This came as a shock to us, we’ve never had any dealings with terror, and we expected the worst.


Two hours later, as people were being rushed to hospital from glass falling on them and other injuries, reports came in of a shooting at a youth summer camp at Utøya, an hour away from Oslo.

Using the bomb in Oslo as a distraction, a man named Anders Behring Breivik dressed up as a police officer, had at least three kinds of guns on him, and started shooting kids down. He pretended to be there to talk to the kids about the explotion in Oslo, he pretended to help them, and then he started killing them.

As time went on, parents got texts from their kids on the island, the kids were writing things like “There is a policeman shooting us!” and “dont’ call me, we’re hiding. Use only text messages.”

DRAMATISK: Det var dramatiske scener som utspant seg foran redningsmannskapene da de ankom Utøya lørdag. Foto: Svein Gustav Wilhelmsen

The whole country started to panick. What’s happening? Is this a terrorist attack from some other country? Why are kids being attacked at a summer camp? It was horrible.

Today my whole country is devastated, as the numbers of dead from the bombing and the shooting is rising. At least 84 young people, from the age of 14 til 20, are dead. And 7 from the bombing.

May you go to hell, Anders.

HØYREEKSTREM: Anders Behring Breivik (32) la ut høyreekstreme meldinger på nettsteder. Foto: Privat


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