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Faith: The Two Legged Dog

This is Faith. She was born in December 2002 to a mother dog who tried to smother her because of her deformity. Faith was adopted by a woman named Jude Stringfellow, when her son rescued the puppy from her mother. Faith was born with two fully developed hind legs, but only one front leg, which was amputated when she was 7 months old because it was deformed.

Although veterinarians advised that Faith be put to sleep, Jude would not give the puppy up. And instead, by using peanut butter on a spoon as a reward, taught the puppy to hop on her hind legs. Faith soon developed her own special walk, instad of the hop one usually sees when dogs try to move on their hind legs.

Faith is now a therapy dog, working with her owner to help people with disabilities. She was also given an Honorary Commission as an E5 SGT in the U.S Army in June 2006.

Things could have turned out a lot worse for this cute pup. It’s good to know she has the best life possible.



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