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Funny autocompletes

How can a thing look like a type of television show? O.o
Is it acting very dramatically, trying to kill you or saying it loves you and make you have it’s baby?

The question is: why don’t do Norwegians? We’re awesome ^_^
Oh, and we dont’ hate Swedish people, we use them to do our jobs for half the sallary and then we invade their country, buying all their food, alcohol and sigarettes :D

Maybe cause you ate some toxic waste at the same time? But why do you eat dirt anyway?

Oh, I always thought they were freezers, silly me.

Probably because you’ve eaten too many onions. If you haven’t, you should see a doctor, not google.

This is just all so wrong..

Way to prioritize. More people care about World of Warcraft than our planet.

And WoW wil NEVER END!

Ask your boyfriend. If he’s comfortable enough to ask you to poop on him, I’m sure he’s comfortable enough to tell you why as well.


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