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Lessons I’ve learned in my life so far

-Don’t jump on the trampoline in the rain. You will probably slip when landing and break you ankle.

-Don’t play with knives with your older brothers. One of them might accidentally will stab you in the foot.

– Don’t throw darts on the ground right in front of your dog. You will throw one at her paw and blood will squirt everywhere.

– Don’t ride you new bike down a hill and forget that it has different set of breakes than your old one. You will crash into a street lamp and need 3 stitches on you forehead.

-Don’t have “rock fights” with kids on your playground. One will throw a huge rock at you face and you will need stitches on the other side of you forehead.

-Don’t assume the new “child proofed” slide on the playground is 100% safe. You will fall when sliding down it on your knees, split open your chin and need even more stitches .

– Riding your bike next to your cusin without any of you holding the handlebars might seem cool, it will not be as cool when you steer into each other, fall hard on the asphalt and people will stare at you from their cars as they pass by.

That’s all for tonight.


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