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Views and top searches

My blog got 230 views yesterday, without me posting anything. Thats’ the second highest blog view I’ve got O.o Closing in on 5000 views on my blog now ^^

Well, I’m now gonna post some more of the thing that give me the most search hits the past week. Which include:

1. Michaela Romanini, 116 views

Why do people search that much for this woman/thing? O.o

This was her before all the surgeries (sorry for the tiny pic):


2. Butterfly cakes, 42 views

3. Butterfly cake, 30 views

Aparently, people really love cakes made either of butterflies or has butterflies, real or fake, on them ^^ (hard ot ot find a repost, I’v eposted many beautiful butterflt cakes before)

butterfly wedding cake


4. Amanda Lepore, 18 views

Yet another woman (?) with far too much money and too low self esteem. Some think she’s beautiful, I think she’s scary.

I could not find a “before” picture, and I read somewhere that “she’s” a transexual man, so just imagine a feminine manboy.


I also get a lot of searches for “Harry Potter Funny”, “Star Wars funny pictures”, “Funny gingers” and so on and so on. But my blog is packed with that stuff, so that’s not so strange ^_^


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