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Three Headed Broadway Star – “Whenever I See Your Teeth”

W: Whenever
D: I
R: see
W: your
D: teeth,
R: I
W: love
D: ooohhhahhhh.
R: I
W: can’t
D: say
R: uh
W: nough,
D: About
R: your
W: teeth
D: inside
R: my
W: mouth,
D: Your
R: teeth
W: inside
D: my
R: mouth
W: is
D: good.
R: Love
W: bicuspids,
D: molars
R: and
W: canines.
D: Inci-
R: your
D: -sors,
R: there.
W: When
D: I
R: look
W: in
D: side
R: your
W: mouth,
D: I
R: jump
W: in
D: to
R: your
W: abyss.
D: If
R: you
W: can’t
D: see
R: my
W: self
D: inside
R: your
W: abyss,
D: Then
R: you
W: must
D: kiss,
R: My
W: abyss!


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