This site is about me, my life and lots of random stuff

20 random facts about me

1. I suffer from slight Telephonophobia- Fear of, or to use, telephones.

2. I got 11 siblings, and it’s not a religious thing.

3. I also have 3 dads (none of them are gay).  And 1 mother ^^

4. I broke my ankle when I was 13, jumping on a trampoline.

5. I’ve read about 200 books.

6. I’ve had rabbits, chickens, turkeys, cats, dogs, rats, birds and fish as pets. And no, I’ve never lived on a farm ^^

7. I’m a bit of a geek. I like doing puzzles, scrabble and crosswords.

8. I played World of Warcraft for almost 5 years.

9. I like to collect tv series on DvD. I currently have all the seasons of Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Rome. I have all but season 8 of Friends, 3 seasons of Scrubs, 1 season of The Big Bang Theory, King of Queens and That 70’s Show. (I know my boyfriend will comment on this, saying a lot of those DvDs are his, but pfft ^^)

10. I like to play Guitar Hero, Little Big Planet, Lego Star Wars and Angry Birds on my PS3.

11. I listen to several Japanese bands. And I don’t refer to them as “J-rock/pop”

12. I hardly ever wear make-up. And when I do wear it, it’s never more than mascara and maybe some eye-liner.

13. I’m not in school and I’m out of work, so I just sit at home and blog all day.

14. Atm I have two rats, named Sir Pippin Splinter (after Pippin in LotR and Splinter after the rat in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Mr Swarley Merry (after Barney in HIMYM and Merry in LotR)

15. I’m afraid of heights.

16. I like watching surgeries on youtube or tv.

17. I grew up watching Star Wars, the original trilogy, on old vhs tapes over and over again. Which is why I, at the age of 20, bought a Star Wars lunch box, two Star Wars t-shirts and have watched almost all of the extra material from the movies.

18. I’m never going to stop loving Disney movies. Disney channel on the other hand >.<

19. I want to live on Pandora (the planet in the movie Avatar)

20. I’ve had 3 piercings (I had to take one out) and 4 holes in my ears.


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