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Huge animals

World’s Biggest Catfish

It’s 2,7 meters, about the length of some kinds of skarks.


World’s Tallest Horse

Noddy is a Shire horse, he weighs 1,3 tonnes and is 2,057m high.


World’s Largest Tortoise

1,5 meters and weighs 250 kilograms.


World’s Tallest Cat/Tiger

Hercules is a tiger/lion hybrid, and is the world’s largest non-obese liger. He weighs over 400kg and is


World’s Biggest Cow

Wow, that looks shopped O.o

This is Chilli, a Friesian bullock. She is 182cm tall and weighs over a ton.


World’s Biggest Pig


This is a stuffed version of a 900kg and 2,23 meters long pig who lived in China for five years.


World’s Biggest Bunny

This is Amy, a Continential Giant rabbit who was 1,2 meters long and weighed 19kg. S


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