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Cthulhu Cookies ^^

cute kawaii stuff - Epicute: Cthulhu Cookies

Freaky Easter Cake

funny food photos - That Thing Will Keep Me Supplied With Jelly Beans For Life!

Star Wars Rebel Cake

funny food photos - Choose Wisely Young Padawan

Mario cake again :D

funny food photos - Daily Cake: Block Puncher

Gotta love Super Mario cake ^^

funny food photos - Daily Cake: Castle? What Castle?

Think I’ve posted a couple more Super Mario cakes before

Sandwich cake 8)

funny food photos - Daily Cake: Part of a Balanced Meal

Steak cake O.o

funny food photos - Daily Cake: Smoky Porterhouse

Shoe cake ^^

funny food photos - Daily Cake: Just Eat It

Hedwig cake :D

funny food photos - Hedwig Owl Cake

Nascar cake :o

funny food photos - Daily Cake: Nascar Monstrosity

Cake Boss is awesome!

This is post number 666 :]

Devil/evil cakes for everyone!


I don’t think you should worship Satan, or any other fantasy being for that matter. Except for the mighty, flying Spaghetti Monster ofc.

Death Star cake ^_^

funny food photos - Daily Cake: Death Star

Playstation cake! :D

funny food photos - Playstation Cake

In your faces, xbox fans. Where’s your cake? Huh? HUH!?

Pool party cake

funny food photos - Pool Party Cake

Lego Indiana Cake :D

funny food photos - Indiana Jones Cake

Farm animal cakes

Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland cake :D

funny food photos - Tiny Tea Party

Female torso cake

funny food photos - Torso Cake

Bambi cake

Funny Food Photos - Bambi Cake

I’d feel so bad eating this


Pretty gay cake..

Get it? ^^

Cakes of the Rainbow

More cakes :D

Fantasy and magical cakes ^^

Homemade World Of Warcraft Cake

Just cause I get so many searches for it: butterfly cakes

Lego cake!

funny food photos - Lego Constructed Cake


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